Energean Skid Beams – Prinos

Favco crane skid beams for platforms Alpha and Beta in Prinos

Energean operates the Prinos Complex in the Gulf of Kavala, in Northern Greece. A Favco type crane on a movable Work Over Rig (WOR) platform was used to perform workover operations on the Alpha and Beta production platforms. To drill new wells, the WOR crane skid rails had to be removed and reinstalled at a higher elevation from the deck. To do so, TWD developed a new set of modular and removable elevated skid rails for the WOR crane and designed the deck integration.

The new skid rails passed approximately 1m from deck level and over the existing drilling rig substructure and were designed as spliced beams with bolted interfaces to the original skid rails. We worked closely with Energean’s team, site crew, and fabricator to survey the state of the deck structure and the crane skid shoe interfaces. The measurements for deck strength verification were reviewed to ensure correct fitting of interfaces and matching of skidding tolerances and elevations.

Our designed structures enabled seamless skidding while keeping the original WOR crane arrangement and operation method unchanged. More importantly, due to the versatile connection features and tight dimension control, the new rails allowed for less installation time, no need for any welding on-site, and easy fitting on both Alpha and Beta platforms.

Project highlights

  • Designed to maintain crane operation unmodified
  • Designed to incorporate tight tolerances and requirement for no welding on site
  • Designed to fit both offshore platforms

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