Duct Transport and Installation – Aghios Dimitrios Plant

Skidding system design for an onshore T&I project

Avax is developing a desulphurization unit in the Aghios Dimitrios power plant on behalf of PPC. This unit will bypass the exhaust gas of the plant through an absorber and release clean exhaust gas into the atmosphere. TWD assisted Avax with the transport and installation engineering of the heavy duct sections. Our designs included transport cradles, lifting arrangements, and the detailed design of a skidding and jacking system made for the installation of duct sections inside the cooling tower.

Our precise designs of the transport arrangements for the heavy modules ensured a safe and efficient operation.


Project highlights

  • Skidding system to fit strict requirements for clearances
  • Detailed design jack-up and jack-down operation
  • Enabled duct installation through an opening on the cooling tower cell, thus avoiding the use of a large crane

Duct Transport and Installation – Aghios Dimitrios Plant

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