Drilling Template – Thanckes Oil Fuel Jetty, UK

In close collaboration with our client, TWD designed an ambitious drilling gate for the construction of a jetty at the Thanckes Oil Fuel Depot, located at the Devonport naval base in Plymouth. This drilling gate is engineered to support the full 160-ton weight of the casing and drill rig, while also allowing for horizontal plane adjustments.

Beyond the drilling gate, TWD was tasked with supporting the entire jetty construction through various temporary works designs. These included formworks, temporary bracing for the piles, an upending kart, a pile cutting frame, grouting lines, various casings, and access structures. Additionally, TWD provided seafastening for the sea transport of various equipment such as piles, cranes, concrete precast components, impact hammers, and drill rigs.

TWD also delivered comprehensive marine engineering services, including barge stability analysis, ballast plan optimization, and the creation of a lifting plan for operations involving lifting from a floating barge.

TWD service highlights

  • Structural design of temporary structures
  • Barge stability analysis and ballast optimization

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