Dolphin Construction – Gas Load-Out Dolphins in Panama

Breasting and berthing dolphins for gas load-out facility in Colon – BAM International

For the construction of breasting and berthing dolphins at a gas load-out facility in Colon, Panama, TWD designed a support frame for the installation of six radially raked tubular pile foundations. The project utilized the Skippy XL, a U-shaped modular pontoon jack-up, to facilitate the installation of these foundations between its pontoons.

Initially, TWD conducted feasibility studies to verify the viability of installation method and the strength adequacy of the selected pontoon components. Following this, TWD designed a support frame for the raked pile gate, enabling the installation of all six piles from the a single jack-up position.

This was achieved using a spanning frame that could be shifted on rails, combined with a base frame for the pile gate that could be placed on the span and rotated to any angle.

The project presented geometric challenges and required handling heavy loads from the raked piles and the installation equipment. TWD’s sensible and functional structural design addressed these challenges, enhancing the efficiency of the foundation installation compared to conventional methods.

Project highlights

  • Effectively used the available profiles and guide systems found in the yard to complete the project
  • SketchUp used to practically evaluate the feasibility of the piling method

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