Dewatering System – Al Bateen Marina, UAE

Quays, breakwaters & port development – Overseas AST

TWD provided a dewatering design for the Al Bateen Marina development in Abu Dhabi. The new quay wall for the marina was constructed in the dry, therefore the entire site had to be closed off and dewatered. To dewater the incoming water flow from groundwater and seaside, we designed several cofferdams, trenches, bund walls, and sheet pile structures.

In addition, TWD also delivered the designs and calculations for the reusable block wall formwork (consisting of 2,000 precast concrete blocks) as well as for lifting beams. To cast the precast blocks, we developed an adjustable steel shutter that accommodated the curved shape of the overall quay wall. TWD’s designs led to safe and efficient dewatering of the marina.

Project highlights

  • Geotechnical design of suitable dewatering system
  • Design of block wall formwork and lifting beams

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