Cradle Support – Oceanco Yachts

Tailor-made support cradles for the safe transport of two yachts

TWD designed support cradles for two large luxury yachts of Oceanco – Y711 and Y712. Our designers and engineers came up with a practical design of the support cradles that accommodated all the needs of the yachts. Not only did the cradles support the hull throughout the construction process, but they also allowed for works on the outside of the hull, and enabled transportation on self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs).

To have the cradle perfectly fit the yachts, we performed 3D laser scanning. In addition, for Y712, we designed a center cradle with hydraulics that ensured a proper load distribution. Our smart cradle designs contributed to the safe transport and successful launch of both yachts.

Project highlights

  • TWD fabrication assistance – taking care of procurement, construction, and delivery process
  • 3D laser scanning

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