Constraining System Moerdijkbrug – Freyssinet

Temporary supports and constraining system of the bridge deck elements

In 2011, TWD assisted Freyssinet in developing temporary supports for the steel bridge deck elements during the renovation of the Moerdijk Bridge. The bridge consists of steel elements, each spanning 100 meters and supported by pylons in the river. By 2012, these supports required renovation due to wear. Freyssinet used specialized jacks to slightly lift the bridge deck elements and remove the old supports, placing the deck elements on temporary supports designed by TWD. Additionally, TWD engineered constraining systems to secure the segments during lifting and lowering. After about a year, the renovated supports were re-installed by reversing this process.

The project presented several challenges, primarily due to limited access to the pylons, which could only be reached through the bridge deck elements . Although the supports and constraining systems could be lifted by a crane barge, the lifting height and overall space were very restricted. Despite these obstacles, the bridge remained open for traffic throughout both the jacking operation and the renovation period. TWD engineers developed a creative, lightweight, and compact design that met the high stiffness requirements for the constraining system, ensuring the bridge’s stability whilst the supports remained light enough to be handled in the tight space.

Project highlights

  • Simple and effective temporary supports maintained for one year on a heavily trafficked highway
  • On-site inspections to accurately assess space restrictions
  • Advanced knowledge and calculation methods developed for elastomeric bearings used as temporary bridge supports

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