Cable Installation Equipment – Stemat 82

Cable lay carousels, cable goose neck, and seafastening structures

TWD re-designed the existing cable lay carousels on several Stemat vessels. Among other efforts, this included transforming the reel type carousel on the Stemat 82 into a bucket type. The conversion included the re-design of a new outer ring and the modification of the inner ring. The inner ring was designed in a way that it could hold 1625 tonnes (maximum) of cable, while the outer ring could hold 2000 tonnes. The functionalities of our designs led to improved capabilities of the vessels.

Furthermore, TWD designed a cable goose neck for on- and offloading the carousel. We assisted with the design of both the loading tower and the goose neck structure. The goose neck is used to smoothly guide the cables into the bucket. Finally, our engineers provided the seafastening structures for the tensioner, chute, and all secondary items on deck.

Project highlights

  • Carousel modifications design, new outer and inner ring
  • Loading tower and gooseneck design
  • Tensioner and chute seafastening