Bridge Installation – Halogaland Norway

Rail, highway and bridge constructions – SRBG

Just above the Arctic Circle, near the Norwegian town of Narvik, a 1200-meter-long suspension bridge had to be constructed over the Rombaksfjord to improve traffic on the E6 route. The contractor, SRGB, suspended 30 steel deck segments from two main cables resting on two 175-meter-high concrete pylons. TWD assisted SRGB with the installation of the deck segments that weighed up to 250 tonnes. They were fabricated in China and stacked on a supply vessel for transport to Norway.

Together with SRGB and crane operators, we designed an efficient mooring system using the supply vessel as a giant buoy to which the crane vessel was moored. Besides the mooring studies, we also made a design to temporarily connect the steel segments and set up all rigging and lifting plans. This way we made sure no clashes between the crane vessel and the bridge wires occurred.

Project highlights

  • Design of mooring spread
  • Design of temporary attachment points
  • Development of lifting and rigging plans

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