Blade Transport – Evia Onshore Wind Farm

Tailored marine transportation solution

To install an onshore wind farm on the island of Evia in Greece, TWD provided Anipsotiki with efficient transportation solutions. Anipsotiki planned to transport Vestas blades to the wind farm, but since there was no suitable port nearby, and transportation using the roads was not achievable, an intermediate sea transportation method became necessary.

Our marine engineers took up this challenge and conducted the required marine analyses. Based on these analyses, we delivered a transportation method that enabled the barge carrying the blades to safely reach the shore. Using a crane on the shore, Anipsotiki successfully unloaded the blades for the installation.

TWD’s smart and fit-for-purpose transportation contributed to a successful installation despite the logistical and weather boundaries of the project.

Project highlights

  • First direct lift in Greece
  • The unloading of the blades took place near the final destination
  • No civil works required for the boat landing