TWD Innovation: Simplify and future-proof secondary steel installation with our smart and multi-functional Modular Tugger Frame

  • 01 May 2024
  • News

Offshore wind farms are increasingly equipped with extended monopiles, incorporating separately installed steel components, as opposed to traditional monopiles.

Nevertheless, the diversity in designs of secondary steel components across different wind farms, along with a wide range of possible installation methods, has led to increased costs when creating these complex tools. 

To address this challenge, TWD is excited to introduce the Modular Tugger Frame (MTF).

This innovative solution improves secondary steel installation by leveraging its simple yet smart functionalities. It was designed to assist in installing various secondary steel components with a cohesive and efficient installation workflow.

The MTF’s can be reused in different projects, operating independently of secondary steel design. 

Key features of the MTF Innovation: 

  • Streamlined Installation: The MTF simplifies installation by eliminating the need for numerous complex tools. 
  • Future Proof Design: The MTF is designed to be reusable across projects with varying secondary steel designs. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The MTF’s 360-degree rotational freedom significantly reduces the need for re-rigging operations, both onshore and offshore.

Let’s simplify and future-proof secondary steel installation process through Innovation!

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