TWD Collaborates With GPBO

  • 21 February 2020
  • News

GPBO rents out so-called Rolling Kitchens that transform plastic waste into multifunctional building materials.

These Rolling Kitchens can be placed anywhere around the world and are designed for usage in those places where the risk of plastic waste ending up in the environment is greatest. Rolling Kitchens are an important tool in the fight against global plastic pollution. It’s easy and accessible to work with them because they are plug play!

The output of Rolling Kitchens can be matched to end users/transformers’ needs. This way they stimulate a local economic spin-off. Offering an incentive for the storage, collection, and upcycling of plastic waste is most important because this way the Rolling Kitchens provide an alternative for dumping, incineration, landfilling, or shipping plastic waste around the world.

TWD has been working with GPBO to conceptualize sub-solutions on the waste transformation process and how equipment parts fit the internal dimensions of a standard 20 ft container.

Subsequently, we started to visualize the complete concept enabling GPBO to clearly communicate their solution with all (involved) customers and network partners.

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