TWD provides engineering support to Arctic Reflections to thicken the Arctic Sea ice

1 July 2024 | News

TWD is collaborating with Arctic Reflections, an innovative environmental startup dedicated to reversing the rapid decline of Arctic Sea ice. Recognizing the urgency of this issue, TWD has applied its expertise in solving complex engineering challenges with a structured approach to assist Arctic Reflections with their noble endeavor.

Together, we aim to realize Arctic Reflections’ efforts in restoring Arctic ice by pumping sea water on top of existing ice sheets in winter. TWD’s contributions include structuring the developments of Arctic Reflections with project management tools, providing creative and pragmatic engineering assistance for their technical, and logistical challenges and providing practical assistance in preparation of the Arctic tests.

Arctic Sea ice serves as the Earth’s refrigerator, reflecting solar heat back into space and maintaining the planet’s climate balance. Its alarming disappearance due to climate change has prompted Arctic Reflections to set an ambitious goal of thickening 100,000 square kilometers of ice annually.

“The partnership between TWD and Arctic Reflections reflects a shared commitment to environmental responsibility and technological innovation,” said Niels Rombout, Director at TWD. “We are excited to collaborate closely with Arctic Reflections in optimizing and validating their initiatives through method engineering and equipment design.”

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