Space-X Hyperloop Pod Competition

  • 23 Juni 2018
  • News

In the Hyperloop competition held in January 2016, the Delft Hyperloop team came second with their test prototype which was also awarded the first prize for the most innovative design.

Yesterday, 2,5 years later, the Delft hyperloop was again in Texas. This time to test their final prototype. The goal of this competition was again to reach the highest possible speed. 18 teams from all over the world put their prototypes through a week of rigorous safety tests, followed by three finalists being allowed into the test tube. These three finalists included our team from Delft.

WARR Hyperloop from the Munich University came first with an amazing speed record of 467 km/h, too fast after the final test for the Delft Hyperloop team who came in second.


WARR Hyperloop 94 km/h

Delft Hyperloop 93 km/h


WARR Hyperloop 467 km/h

Delft Hyperloop 142 km/h

Congratulations to Delft Hyperloop on this feat! TWD is pleased to have made just a tiny contribution to their great achievement.

And of course, congratulations to WARR Hyperloop, for winning this competition so convincingly.

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