Safe Piling Template Installation Through Integrated Geotechnical Analysis

How do you make sure the safety and workability of your piling templates are never compromised?

The installation of offshore piling templates often faces complex soil conditions. Since local soil conditions determine the design, workability, and operational risks of the template, it is crucial to carry out geotechnical analysis from the very beginning of the project. At TWD, we have managed to do this through our integrated approach.

The smooth collaboration between our in-house geotechnical, marine, and structural engineers has led to many seamless piling template installations. Our geotechnical engineers have made these possible by conducting:

  • Foundation design
  • Soil Structure Interaction analysis
  • Survey data and operational risk analysis

Curious about how we can bring significant value to your next offshore project? Read more here.

Tags: offshore wind, geotechnical engineering, geotechnical analysis, multidisciplinary service, piling template, foundation design, soil structural interaction analysis, survey data and operational risk analysis

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