Revolutionizing Offshore Wind Storage: An Innovative Solution for Handling and Storing Monopiles 

  • 10 April 2024
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Foundations piles in the offshore wind industry are growing larger, longer, and heavier. As projects become more diverse, traditional storage methods using sand dunes face limitations in terms of geometry and structural integrity. 

We are delighted to introduce our latest novel solution for Yard Pile Storage. This innovative method uses heavy-duty storage bags engineered to handle significant loads of the stored monopiles. Furthermore, the marshalling of piles becomes efficient with a bespoke lifting system supported on SPMTs. The lifting and storing solutions are designed to accommodate all types of pile geometries and offer flexibility in pile layout on the yard. 

Key benefits of the method: 

  • Streamlined Process: Reducing yard preparation time to nearly 6 weeks per project. 
  • Time Efficiency: Increasing the operational window of the yard by 55% annually.  
  • Universality: No need for project-specific storage solutions. 
  • Over 90% Reduction in Sand Volume: Compared to traditional sand dunes.  
  • Reduced Pile Stresses: Due to increased support area of up to 25%. 
  • Future-Proofing: Capability to store piles of the future (>2000 tonnes). 

Let’s simplify the logistics of pile storage and load-out, making your offshore wind projects more flexible and efficient. For more information about our Port Yard Pile Storage innovation, check out the download material below. 

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