Pile Run Parachute (PRP)

  • 21 February 2024
  • News

Meet one of TWD’s innovative designs, the Pile Run Parachute (PRP). It combines materials already commonly used in offshore applications, such as steel wires and geosynthetic materials, to create an inner damper. This reduces the maximum velocity as well as the depth at which the pile run terminates.

innovation: Pile Run Parachute tool

The PRP boasts three unique characteristics:

  • Damping: By limiting the flow of seawater passing through the PRP, the monopile is slowed down to a controlled speed, ensuring safety, and reducing the risk of damage.  
  • Flexibility: The PRP is flexible, allowing it to cope with hammer blows without any energy loss during hammering.
  • Re-usable: The PRP can be remotely detached from the pile, enabling retrieval and reuse.

Our innovative solution not only ensures safety but also promotes environmental sustainability. With our lightweight design, carbon emission is reduced by up to 90% when compared to conventional methods.

For more insights about our Pile Run Parachute solution, check out our download material below.

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