Ishikari Wind Farm Installation Successfully Completed

  • 26 September 2023
  • News

In an achievement for the renewable energy sector, the Ishikari project reached its successful conclusion on September 15th. TWD was pleased to be a part of this important project.

Shimizu marked this milestone by utilizing their Blue Wind jack-up vessel to install all turbines at the Ishikari wind farm, located off the coast of Hokkaido, Japan. The centerpiece of this endeavor is an 8MW turbine, featuring a towering 90-meter structure and an expansive 160-meter rotor diameter, making it the largest turbine currently installed in Japan.

TWD contributed by providing a tailored transportation and installation solution. Our involvement encompassed the design of seafastening solutions for crucial components like the nacelle, tower, blades, and lifting tool. Our specialists also played an indispensable role on-site, facilitating the site-mobilization process and ensuring the safe lifts during the initial installation phase.

We are pleased to be part of Japan’s effort to switch to cleaner energy and look forward to future milestones at Ishikari wind farm.

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