TWD Installation Equipment Designs ready to assist in Hai Long OWF Installation 

  • April 17, 2024
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Last week, the Hai Long Offshore Wind Project announced the official launch of offshore construction. TWD was awarded the tailored design of the pin pile installation equipment by CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering (CDWE). Our tailored designs will play a key role in the installation process of Hai Long, with a capacity exceeding 1 GW, with the Green Jade vessel. 

Pre-piling template 
TWD was responsible for designing the majority of the pin pile installation equipment on the heavy lift vessel Green Jade. TWD’s significant contribution was the design of a subsea self-leveling pre-piling template, ensuring precise and efficient pile placement on the seabed. The template adjusts its position to align with seabed contours, guaranteeing vertical installation. This template is currently the largest and most complex of its kind in the offshore wind industry. Furthermore, our specialists supported the mobilization process, ensuring a smooth installation of the equipment on deck.  

In addition, TWD took on the design for the pin pile seafastening, with three sets of four piles stacked vertically, each with its own upending hinge. This design enabled secure and efficient transportation and installation of the pin piles. Moreover, TWD was also involved in the design of the impact hammer and follower seafastening. 

Thijs Roethof, Country Manager Taiwan at TWD, is enthusiastic about TWD’s contribution to the Hai Long Project: “TWD has worked in close collaboration with CDWE on the design of the pin pile installation equipment and is proud of the proven results working with the vessel Green Jade. Our tailored solutions, including the largest and most complex pre-piling template of its kind, reflect our innovation and expertise in the offshore wind industry. We are excited to see our designs in action, contributing to the successful installation of what will be the largest offshore wind project in Taiwan.” 

The launch of offshore construction marks a significant milestone for the Hai Long Offshore Wind Project, and TWD’s innovative design of the piling template underscores its drive to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for offshore projects with challenging conditions. 

Photo credit: CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering (CDWE)   

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