Delft Hyperloop Team Wins Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Competition

  • 30 January 2017
  • News

Last night, the TU Delft’s Hyperloop team won the prestigious Hyperloop competition in Los Angeles.

Here, the Dutch team had the opportunity to test their scale model Pod on a test track of 1.25 km, constructed by spacecraft manufacturer SpaceX. The prototype achieved a speed of 93 kilometers per hour. In a longer tube it can speed-up to 1200 km per hour, said the proud team captain Tim Houter. He spoke with Elon Musk after the competition. Elon was impressed and that makes our team extra proud.

TWD has made a small contribution to this great success. After the development of a working prototype, TWD supported Delft Hyperloop with the design of a test frame. The team wanted to test the Pod in Delft before traveling to the USA.

By lack of a test track, the team decided to make a test set-up where the Pod will stay in one place instead of being launched. Speed will be added to the Pod with a driving system which is incorporated in the test frame.

TWD wants to congratulate Delft Hyperloop with their fantastic performance and on the enormous success.

“As fast as a plane, as convenient as a train: the Hyperloop is a revolutionary concept for a new high speed transportation system. The system incorporates a reduced-pressure tube in which pressurized capsules travel. The air resistance in this tube is so low that a vehicle can travel at almost the speed of sound, making the travel cheaper, more efficient and also more convenient than airplanes.

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