Decommissioning of the Sovereign Lighthouse

  • 26 October 2023
  • News

Decommissioning an offshore structure is always a unique challenge – and the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse provided an example for the history books.

Our engineers assisted HERBOSCH-KIERE Marine Contractors Ltd with determining the method of decommissioning and designing the required temporary works.

To remove the topside, we designed a lifting aid consisting of a spreader frame on top, a support frame at the bottom, and post-tensioned Dywidag bars running along the topside’s core connecting the two frames. Besides this, we designed a separate frame to secure the topside during cutting.

We congratulate HERBOSCH-KIERE on the safe and successful removal of the topside, as we continue working together on the second and final phase of the project – the removal of the pillar.

Photo credit: Herbosch-Kiere/Maritime Filming UK

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