TWD Breaks Crane Limitations: Unleashing the power of Buoyancy for Monopile Installation

  • 20 February 2024
  • News

As the offshore wind industry aims for ambitious next-gen wind farms, challenges are posed for traditional foundation methods. Longer, larger, and heavier monopiles strain existing resources. Crane limitations dominate, limiting future installations to a few high-end vessels booked years in advance.

TWD has devised a revolutionary method to utilize monopile buoyancy during upending, bringing operating forces back to within existing crane limitations.

By controlling air within the monopile, the upending process and the subsequent lowering and seabed installation become seamlessly simple and efficient. Maintaining the use of typical jacking set-ups, the method employs a foldable upend hinge and integrated skidding system. This allows longitudinal and transversal monopile transfer from storage to the upend line without the need for the main crane.

Want to learn about other key features of our Buoyancy Assisted Upending solution? Read our download materials below.

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