An Incredible Growth Path – From Intern to Engineering Manager

  • 29 March 2020
  • News

What could a great internship experience bring you in your career? At TWD, we encourage a diversified career development path. As long as you are ambitious, responsible, and proactive, we provide you with the flexibility to work on your career. Read the story of Jos and get a glimpse of his incredible journey in TWD.

I started at TWD as an intern in 2013. TWD is a sponsor of the LAGA rowing society where I was a
member, so I was already familiar with TWD as a company. When I was looking for an internship during my Msc Civil Engineering, I applied at TWD.

Within two years I became a Project Engineer. A Project Engineer at TWD will manage various projects. I played a central role in the entire project cycle and was directly responsible for the accurate execution of the projects. During a project I was always looking for pragmatic solutions for complex and immediate problems. The first project that I took on as a Project Engineer was the HSD deployment frame for the Wikinger OWF in 2015.

After 6 years since my first start in TWD, I had been promoted to Engineering Manager at TWD. This means I’m responsible, together with a fellow Engineering Manager, for the entire discipline of Mechanical Engineering. Being an Engineering Manager, I now have a wide range of tasks. Any given workday might include sketching, brainstorming, calculating, planning, budgeting, supervision of Designers and Engineers, and client- or site visits. Furthermore, I am also responsible for the coaching and training of the Engineers and Designers.

What I like most about working at TWD is the hands-on mentality, the alternation between short and longer projects, the steep learning curve, and working with so many different nationalities.

Looking at the future, I hope I will be able to design more large mechanical constructions that can make installation of offshore wind farms, or constructions in other markets, more efficient.

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