We are very excited to be part of Wind Expo Tokyo 2021. From March 3 – 5, we’ll host a booth (online and in-person) for you to drop by and ask any questions about TWD.

Our Sales Manager, Thijs Roethof, will take part in the Webinar “Japan – the Netherlands: Innovations and Developments in the Offshore Wind Sector” on March 2. On top of that, Thijs will also present on “How More Expensive Installation Equipment Reduces Costs of Offshore Wind” during the 8th Asia Offshore Wind Day on March 3.

We look forward to meeting you, discussing our passion for offshore wind energy, and sharing the latest industry trends together.

You can learn more about the conference here (Asia Wind Energy Association 2020) or sign up for the webinar here (Webinar JP – NL: Innovations and Developments in the Offshore Wind Sector).


Please contact Thijs Roethof, Sales Manager.

Thijs Roethof

+31 (0)10 2940 374

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