Mark your calendar from 15 till 18 January for InfraTech 2019 in Rotterdam Ahoy, and stop by TWD’s booth (nr.6.103), where we’ll be showcasing our innovative Sheet Pile Tool.

TWD’s new sheet pile tool creates significant time-saving. Standard sheet pile installation tools require several crane lifts to move to the next position. Moreover, the often-used spud pile on which the gate is supported must be vibrated out of, and in the ground when relocating.

How the Sheet Pile Tool works

The new sheet pile tool supports on the previous sheet piles and has a cantilevered gate to guide the next sheets. The procedure for relocating the tool consists out of releasing the clamps, one crane lift and re-activating the clamps. Next to that, the sheet pile guides are placed on a hinge point, which enabled the tool to install curved cofferdams. This saves time, increases work site safety and makes the tool soil independent.



TWD will showcase the Sheet Pile Tool, together with two other innovative project designs, with the use of scale models. Visit us at booth nr. 6.103 if you have any questions or if you are just curious. You can also see the tool during InfraTech in the Innovation Gallery in Rotterdam Ahoy.



  • Tijmen Gombert – Sales Manager
  • Thijs Roethof – Business Developer
  • Jelmer Jacobs – Business Developer
  • Simon Lembrechts – Commercial Manager
  • Evert-Jan Stoop – Technical Sales Engineer



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