The Ocean Cleanup asked TWD to help develop modular support frames for their plastic catcher. Within only two weeks, TWD provided a simple, modular design which is light in weight and not harmful for sea life. The floating support frames are equipped with sensors which locate and keep track of the progress of the project. 

The System

The system, that will reduce ocean plastic pollution, consists of a 1-2 km floating pipe. This pipe is flexible enough to follow the waves and rigid enough to maintain it’s open U-shaped position, which funnels the plastic towards the center of the system.

A three-meter-low screen, made of a strong but flexible material, is attached to the bottom of the floater. This ensures that all plastic pollution remain concentrated and sea life can safely pass underneath the screen with the current.

Illustration of screen. Source: The Ocean Cleanup

The cleanup set to start mid-2018

If everything goes according plan, The Ocean Cleanup will deploy their first cleanup system summer of 2018. The cleanup system is being assembled in Alameda, California, from where it will be towed out to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, halfway between California and Hawaii.

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Deploying The Ocean Cleanup – Simulation