Furie Operating Alaska is building a new Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) production platform in Cook Inlet, Alaska. The existing onshore pipelines will be connected to the platform through subsea gas pipeline, installed by Heavy Lift at Sea.

Stinger Design, Fabrication and Mobilization

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TWD assisted Furie Operating Alaska and Heavy Lift at Sea in designing and constructing a Stinger frame to guide a drill pipe during a horizontal drilling operation. Due to severe tidal currents at the project location, it was significant for the Stinger frame to be able to handle large horizontal shifts of the drill pipe to ensure its integrity. One of the design requirements were that the stinger should be detachable and easily removed. Therefore, we chose for a pin-connection instead of welding.

Fabrication Services

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Another big challenge of the project was the lead time. In order to allow the fabrication works to start in time, design drawings had to be completed within a week.  The project team at TWD did not only design the Stinger frame but also assisted in the fabrication and mobilization works in Alaska. In less than a month, the complete stinger was test-fitted on the Spartan 151 rig, and ready for operation.

Marine Engineering

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TWD investigated the stresses on the drill pipe during the operation and identified the optimal roller support points on the stinger. Furthermore we provided roller support reactions, when the drill pipe was placed on the stinger. In addition, our naval engineering departement investigated the sagbend/overbend stresses on the drill pipe when placed on the stinger and when tensioned during the reaming operation.

Multiple iterations were made between the structural and naval engineering departments which demonstrate the benefit of utilizing both disciplines for a single project, which resulted in a complete stinger design in a span of just 8 days.