Pipe & Cable lay

For the construction of offshore wind farms, many kilometers of electrical cables are required to connect the wind turbines to the power grid. These cables are laid using special cable-laying vessels. TWD has designed several cable handling tools for VBMS (former VSMC) used on the vessels of Stemat. This includes design of cable carousels and deck grillage (with a capacity up to 4600 t), re-design of its inner and outer rings, and design of the corresponding loading tower and goose-neck for cable guiding during loading and off-loading. For dividing a carousel into two compartments, TWD has designed partition rings, which are built up from several parts bolted to the carousel floor and therefore easy to install.

For the Stemat Spirit TWD has designed an elevated deck “twin-deck” required for the installation of cable protection. All cable handling equipment, such as cable tensioner, sliding bank, cable highway and chute were integrated into this deck.

Furthermore, TWD can deliver the full scope of seafastening designs for equipment required during the cable laying operation such as cranes, winches and lifting frames for ROV’s or trenchers.

Partition ring