Motion compensation systems

To increase the operational safety and reduce the downtime of offshore and near shore operations, we have designed several motion compensation systems. The structural designs of TWD’s motion compensated solutions are executed in close cooperation with Barge Master and the client. Based on the project specific functional requirements, the most suitable and practical solution for a particular application can be designed.

The Barge Master T-700 is a multi-purpose platform compensating vessel motions up to a significant wave height of 2.5 meters and is designed such that it can handle a payload of 700 t. The platform is designed such that it can be fully containerized for transport and assembled within 10 working days.

For maintenance and platform supply applications, TWD completed the structural design (from concept to detail) of the Barge Master T-40 motion compensated crane pedestal. With a small footprint and a capacity of 15 t at 10 m, this system increases the workability of offshore supply vessels significantly.



Functionality of BM-T40 motion compensation crane