Lifting tools

Handling delicate cargo and equipment sometimes requires more advanced rigging to perform a safe lift without damaging the item. We have an extensive track record in the design of a wide variety of lifting tools. You can acquire us for the design of a simple spreader beam or frame, up to advanced tools equipped with sensors and hydraulic components. A great example of a TWD lifting tool design is the Secondary Steel Cage (SSC) Lifting tool for GeoSea’s Kentish Flats extension. This tool enabled GeoSea to install SSC’s to within a millimeter of precision without any damage to Monopile or SSC.

In addition to the design, TWD can also arrange the fabrication and certification as well, so your lifting tool can be ready to use in a short amount of time. With a lifting tool by TWD you can be sure to have a safe and fit-for-purpose lifting operation.