Specialist Disciplines

The following services are part of TWD’s specialist disciplines:
3D Animations
Hydraulic Engineering

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We can provide 3D animations to illustrate an operational sequence of a project or a close-up view giving a comprehensive explanation of a design’s functionalities. The use of a 3D animation in client- or subcontractor meetings has proven to be very useful to inform all involved parties and highlight the critical points in a certain operation.

Besides the technical advantages of 3D animation for crew training and internal project communication, 3D animations can also contribute to the external exposure and be used for commercial or marketing purposes. As the designer of the project equipment, TWD engineers are ideally positioned to transfer the important information to a clear story-line, which can be used to explain a concept- or tender design more clearly to a potential client or investor.

Movie: 3D visualization of monopile installation process – Gemini OWF

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TWD provides hydraulic engineering services complementary to the design of the construction. With this approach, a complete design can be created that includes the physical interfaces and the functional requirements of the drive and control components. This allows TWD and our clients to procure the hydraulic system as part of the construction, reducing lead time and risk. Furthermore, by looking at the control components from an early point in the design process, components and systems that are critical for the lead time of the project can be identified and if necessary procurement can start ahead of the rest of the construction.

For Monopile gripper frames, TWD has been able to reduce the complete lead time from start of the concept design to mobilization to 9 months by determining the main cylinders within the first month of the design phase, and creating a description of the required functionalities of the system. This approach allows the start of the selection of hydraulic system suppliers ahead of detail engineering phase.

By having the complete CAD models of the construction, including the cylinders, TWD is able to check not only if the constructions are free to move without clashing, but also if the drive components themselves fit in all positions. Furthermore, by animating the movement a better understanding of the functionality can be achieved for the design team, our clients, the end operators, the fabricator and the system suppliers. Screenshots of the model and components, together with knowledge about the functionality of the system and its limitations, allow TWD to create operational manuals for the normal use of the system as well as the requirements for FAT and SAT testing.



3D animation design for Conquest Offshore

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