Project &
Fabrication Management

Through our well-established Fabrication Management services, we ensure that your smart equipment designs are fabricated properly and always work as intended.

A smooth fabrication process is a crucial part of having a successful project execution. To ensure your equipment design functions as intended, we offer fabrication management to oversee your tailored design materializing. We work with a large network of fabricators and can easily assist you with procurement, fabrication, equipment certification, and field engineering. Meanwhile, we manage the interfaces between different subcontracts so that your construction project is completed on time and on budget.

Our Expertise

QHSE Management

Safety plays a key role in the success of your project. At TWD, we recognize the prominence of this role and offer safety tools and procedures in our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management services. This means that our fabrication engineers and consultants take care of safety aspects at all levels of your project – from creating documentation and applying safety practices in design to overseeing safety at site visits. Our integrated approach is a guarantee to eliminate last-minute surprises affecting your design workability. In the meantime, our QHSE management scope goes beyond safety in projects only; we also continuously improve our working procedures so that the daily operation in TWD is always healthy and safe.

Project Management

Every project is unique and has multiple interfaces to consider. That is why our multidisciplinary services do not stop at method engineering and equipment design. We provide all-round project management services to unburden you with all your project needs. Some of the common project assistance we offer includes budgeting, planning, or QHSE assistance, procurement management, or interface management. With our diverse skill sets in TWD, we are confident to deliver you a complete and seamless project execution.

Benefits of TWD Fabrication

At TWD, we make design solutions that are independent of the fabricators. This allows us to select case-by-case the most suitable and competitive fabricator for your project. By closely managing the entire progress and quality of the fabrication, we help you quickly construct your equipment without compromising safety. 

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