Fabrication Services

We are specialized in creating custom designed tools and structures that allow you to perform installation projects safely and on time. Due to the sheer size of our designs and an often limited time schedule, there is usually little time for testing and no room for modifications. This requires a comprehensive design, but also a systematic fabrication process; our work does not stop after the design phase.

If our understanding of our design and the fabricators expertise on constructing is combined, we can make sure your specific construction will function as intended and make sure the entire process of fabrication is optimal. To achieve this, we offer our fabrication services.

Our dedicated team of fabrication engineers has extensive experience in all facets of fabrication. Moreover, we have built up a large network and database with all types of suppliers and subcontractors required to assist you in fabricating your temporary works.


  • Optimal functionality of constructions
  • Smooth fabrication process
  • Preventing instead of fixing
  • Broad network of suppliers and subcontractors

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An optimal fabrication process starts well before the design phase is finished. For instance by keeping track of delivery times of critical items, requesting availability of materials and discussing the most effective fabrication method, critical feedback can be provided to the design team.

Once the design is nearing completion, a request for quotation package can be compiled and send out to selected fabricators. The package includes all technical information and covers all aspects to receive fair and comparable quotations. All quality, legal, and commercial aspects are covered and all project specific requirements, for example, for planning, transport or system integration are recognized and addressed.

Dealing with many quotations has taught us to accurately estimate the costs of a specific piece of equipment. We can use this knowledge to determine the feasibility of your proposed working method, the expected cost of a large construction, or advise if a variation is reasonable.



The fabrication of constructions is a complex process integrating many disciplines, in order to fabricate an effective tool. Our fabrication engineers are specialized in recognizing possible issues and solving them on the spot, avoiding delays and ensuring a smooth fabrication process with optimal results.

Our fabrication assistance starts with the kick-off meeting where all important aspects of the design and fabrication are discussed. During fabrication, the progress and quality of the constructions will be inspected during regular site visits. Progress, observations, remarks, concerns and actions will be documented in site visit reports. The interval of the site visits can be easily intensified or reduced.

When issues do occur, our fabrication engineers will, together with the design team propose the best correction. Often a slight adjustment of the design is not only the fastest, but also more favorable to repairs or replacements. Furthermore, where required, any additional design or document can be rapidly arranged.

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Despite a lot of effort is spend in preparing the mobilization, often the on-site situation proves more complex and last minute decisions need to be made. Moreover, it all happens under tense time pressure. Our field engineers can assist you making safe decisions rapidly, resulting in a smooth mobilization and a fully functional vessel.

During the execution of the installation project, the constructions can be further refined to improve workability or cycle times. By monitoring the operation and using the knowledge of our designs, our field engineers will appoint improvements and work out a design or quick fix to improve the operation on the spot.


Fabrication Services questions?

Please contact Arnout Kling, head of our Fabrication Services department, for all your Procurement assistance and Fabrication assistance related questions.

Arnout Kling Procurement engineer +31 10 294 03 74 akling@twd.nl

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