Marine Engineering

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TWD Naval department is proud to have contributed to today’s successful salvage of the second section of the sunken freighter MV Flinterstar.

The operation was executed by Scaldis with the Rambiz heavy lift vessel. Last Thursday the Rambiz managed to lift the second wreck section mostly above water level and transported it into the port of Zeebrugge. Heavy parts were removed in the meantime and early this morning a barge was submerged underneath the section.

TWD determined intact stability analysis of the transport barge and proposed a step ballast plan for the wreck placement and barge towage operation.

The pressure of the barge slowly takes over the lifted weight carried by the two Rambiz cranes. In the end, the wreck is completely supported by the barge after the simultaneous lifting operation and ready to be transported to the processing location.

TWD also designed the wreck support structures on the Ugland UR3 and UR93/94 barges. These structures have sufficient strength for transit and operational loads. Load spreading on the barges is done by means of dragline mats, while stoppers took the horizontal forces and overturning moments.


TWD’s naval engineers were also present on site to assist the Scaldis crew with the delicate operation.

The Flinterstar sunk in October 2015, in front of the Belgium coast. It broke down in two pieces, after a collision with a LNG-tanker. The first piece was already successfully salvaged earlier this year. TWD helped that operation as well, by designing the support structures.

We thank Scaldis for the cooperation and congratulate them on the successful salvage operation.


Barge submerged underneath wreck section