The consortium STFA-SGTM-JDN is constructing the new port of Nador West, Morocco. A total of 253 caissons, weighing up to 9000 tons, are to be fabricated. These caissons are installed during the first stage of the project that includes the construction of 2 breakwaters, petroleum stations and a container terminal.

The TWD marine operations team advised STFA-SGTM-JDN about best practice for marine operations while working in close cooperation with our naval architects who performed all necessary marine engineering analysis.

Our naval department prepared the installation procedure encompassing every step of the operation from the loading of each caisson on the semi-submersible barge, towage, submergence to 20m below sea level, caisson float-out, caisson towage to the final installation. TWD also recommended workable sea states for the operation.

For skidding and supporting the caissons on the semi-submersible barge TWD designed the locally fabricated grillage and verified the critical structural integrity of the vessel. Additionally TWD provided on-site engineering and operational assistance at the site in Morocco.

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