TWD designed a drilling and piling template applicable to three different jack-up barges in order to install piles for the mooring and berthing dolphins of the Hay Point Australia coal terminal.

Each jack-up barge was equipped with bull rails on which outriggers were installed. The outriggers were able to slide along the rails by means of hydraulic cylinders. Each end of the outriggers was outfitted with a pile gripper, able to move independently. This resulted in a two-layer piling template capable of installing piles at various angle of inclination. The templates could also be used to support and position drilling equipment, by combining two outriggers to function as a movable support frame for the oscillator.

With the hydraulically actuated pile guides and sliding interfaces, sufficient flexibility was achieved to quickly install a large amount of piles within tight positioning and inclination tolerances. Due to this efficient piece of equipment, a significant reduction in installation time was achieved.

Piling template during pile driving
Pile driving
Piles including access structures
Detail of the lower pile gripper, equipped with guide rollers and access all around the pile