Pile handling tools

With extensive track record in designing tailor made tools for offshore pile driving, TWD engineers are well equipped to respond to the various challenges of pile driving operations and develop optimal project-specific solutions, ranging from robust sub-sea templates to highly efficient monopile grippers.

A good example is the Monopile Gripper Frame which we designed for Van Oord’s Aeolus vessel. This Monopile gripper frame was so successful that our satisfied client Van Oord has mobilized a second gripper for their Pacific Osprey vessel.

Besides piling projects executed with jack-up barges, TWD develops solutions for efficient floating (mono-)pile installations. Combined with substantial experience in the design of motion compensated systems, the most effective solution for each piling challenge is developed in close cooperation with our clients.

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  • Monopile gripper frames
    Sandbank, Luchterduinen, Gemini
  • Pre-piling templates
    Baltic II, Borkum West, Ormonde, Thornton Bank, Belwind
  • Motion Compensated Pile Gripper (MCPG)
  • Upending hinges
  • Combi-wall piling frame
  • Cell wall template
  • Trestle and berth piling and drilling templates

Examples of executed piling projects can be found in our Track Record below. References can be provided upon request.

Track Record