TWD introduces a concept for the monopile sling connector. A quick, safe -and remote-controlled solution for applying the rigging of monopiles, which can be further designed to your specific needs.

Monopile Sling Connector

As a result of increasing monopile weight and dimensions, handling, transport and installation of monopiles becomes more and more challenging. To lift the larger and heavier monopiles, substantial slings are required. Nowadays, attaching these heavy slings around the monopile requires manual labor. As monopiles are getting bigger and slings will need to be attached in more difficult to access locations (stacked piles), attaching slings can become both a challenging and time demanding job. The upcoming industry trend to install monopiles using floating installation vessels can further intensify this operation, by introduction of vessel motions while working at heights.

The Idea

TWD introduces a concept for a remote-controlled tool, the monopile sling connector, which provides a quick and safe solution to apply the rigging of monopiles (with various dimensions in difficult accessible locations). The monopile sling connector, once positioned on the monopile, will guide the sling around the monopile without the need for human interference. During lifting, the load is transferred directly from the sling, through link plates, to the rigging. In between lifts or during transport, the monopile sling connector can be seafastened on either deck or the monopile itself.


1. Sling suspended on MSC                          2. Sling fixed around monopile                    3. MSC retracted


The monopile sling connector:

  •  is remotely operated and excludes manual handling
  •  speeds up the rigging operation
  •  is based on proven technology
  •  allows for safe rigging attachment on jack-ups & floating installation vessels
  •  is diameter adjustable


Tailored Design

As engineers specialized in the design of custom-made offshore tools, TWD can support you throughout the entire scope of your project. Next to the design of your lifting tool, TWD engineers can design all the mission equipment required to complete offshore wind operations.

For more information on TWD’s engineering services or technical enquiries on your installation project, contact our engineers or use the contact information below.

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