Today’s monopile is a radically different foundation then it ever was. Monopile diameters, weight and length increases while at the same time farm locations are more remote which causes increased environmental loads as well as sailing time. MP dimensions vary within one windfarm while ever increasing innovation in foundation design results in smaller can thicknesses. All these effects cause transport and installation to be a critical load case to check for structural integrity of each monopile. TWD is able to rapidly verify the integrity of your foundation from fabrication up to the end of installation:

  • Load out
  • Storage
  • Lifting
  • Transatlantic transport (fatigue)
  • Transit to installation site
  • Upending
  • Installation



We would be happy to organize a (digital) meeting with you and our Monopile Experts to think along with any challenges you might have and discuss the benefits of our analyses on the operation.

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