Jacket Pile Gripper

The increasing popularity of the jacket as foundation in the offshore wind industry allows contractors to optimize their operational procedures. At TWD, our engineers are always trying to think of solutions to optimize contractor’s operations. In line with this, TWD introduces the retrievable jacket pile gripper.

Jacket installation

The jacket foundation is increasing in popularity as offshore turbine foundation. Installing these jackets is precision work and contractors are bound to strict installation tolerances. A jacket installation consists of multiple phases. First, pre-piles are driven into the seabed (see TWD’s experience with designing pre-piling templates). Once the pre-piles are in place, the jacket piles are positioned into the pre-piles. Finally, the voids between the pre-piles and jacket piles are filled up with grout to secure the jacket to the pre-piles.  When the grout is curing, the jacket position must be maintained within strict installation tolerances. To do so, TWD introduces the retrievable jacket pile gripper to the market.

TWD’s jacket pile gripper

TWD engineers designed a gripper which can be retrieved and re-used after jacket installation. The gripper can be installed on the jacket throughout the entire process from fabrication to installation. The gripper’s position on the jacket leg is maintained using friction, thereby excluding the need for welding. Once in position, the gripper fixates the jacket in horizontal direction with respect to the pre-piles by applying a simple wedge principle. Each gripper consists of levelling cylinders to calibrate the jacket into its final position. Once the grout is cured and the jacket is installed within the strict tolerances, the gripper is no longer of use. Therefore, each gripper comprises of a release mechanism, which, once activated, opens the gripper ring to release the gripper from the jacket. By doing so, each gripper can be retrieved and re-used to install the next jacket.


  • retrievable
  • ensures jacket installation within tolerances
  • reducing costs of jacket installation campaigns
  • no precious material left on seabed
  • no welding
  • remotely operated

Tailored design

TWD’s extensive knowledge and experience in designing dedicated grippers have been combined in the jacket pile gripper concept. By being able to retrieve and therefore re-use the jacket pile gripper, the jacket pile gripper provides a solution that significantly reduces the installation costs of large jacket installation campaigns.

Interested in reducing the costs of your installation project? Our specialized engineers would be happy to learn about your boundary conditions and requirements, to tailor an installation method to your needs! Find more information on our services here.

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