Our General Manager, Martijn Koppert and Senior Structural Engineer, Arie van der Eijk, identified a gap in the offshore market for the design of temporary works structures for installation projects. With experience in marine and offshore projects they embarked upon establishing Temporary Works Design in 2007.

By 2010 the company had an office based in Rotterdam with a small team and a steady stream of projects. During this period we also focused on developing our own ideas into innovative solutions for offshore installations. One prominent example is the Motion Compensation System, which soon branched off and turned into its own company Barge Master.

In 2011 we expanded both the size of the company and the range of services we offer to our clients. These services now included stability analysis and ballasting plans as well as procurement assistance, fabrication management and certification management. Thus TWD had now established capabilities to provide complete project assistance from structural designs to fabrication assistance.

In late 2014 we have set up a Naval Engineering department with a team of naval architects. The team delivers both independent marine analyses and can integrate seamlessly with larger TWD scopes to ensure complete designs for safe offshore project execution.

In June 2017, TWD launched its  first international branch –UK office. Within a half year, our UK boys designed a revolutionary temporary work system “the walking piling gate“, which rewarded Innovation Award during The Marine and Coastal Civil Engineering Expo.

Today, we have proven performance in projects of various and ever-increasing sizes. From seafastening designs of vessel equipment, Monopiles, Transition Pieces and Suction Bucket Jackets to innovative stinger designs for pipe lay vessels or hydraulic Monopile Gripper Frames.

We are ready for your next challenge and we look forward to amaze you with our creative solutions. Our temporary structures are engineered to function!