Port of Dover contracted VSBW to execute the engineering and construction of the Port’s major Western Docks Revival scheme. The project involves driving over 700 steel tubular piles for the construction of two new quay walls, a marina curve and a marina pier. Given the large number of piles, Volkerstevin UK decided to invest in two innovative first in class piling gates, significantly increasing the projected piling outputs.

TWD assisted Volkerstevin UK with the structural and mechanical design of this bespoke piling solution. The gates, clamped on the previously installed piles, are equipped with hydraulic roller boxes to guide the piles accurately in position. After driving a pile, the gate skids forward autonomously from the crane and hydraulically adjusts its position to prepare for the next pile. Repositioning and levelling of the piling gate without the need of the crane significantly shortens the critical path, as it can be achieved parallel to upending and pitching of a new pile.

Besides the piling gates, TWD assisted Volkerstevin UK with the majority of the marine temporary works packages. Effective seafastening designs, access platforms, pile upending solutions and barge mooring and stability calculations have been performed. The design works have been coordinated from TWD’s newly opened branch in London, which is established to provide temporary works design services in an even closer cooperation with the UK-based contractors.

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