Together with Ampelmann, TWD designed a modular staircase which can be used as a continuous access to the Ampelmann walkway or to the maintenance platform of the Ampelmann. The units are currently under review at DNV for the structural design appraisal and are the only ones of its kind, especially due to the small footprint. Also, when stacked, all railings and stairs are fully continuous.

Ampelmann is continuously deploying their A and E-type systems on various vessels and each time at a different height with respect to the working deck level. For each of these projects, entry is required to enable personnel to access to the Ampelmann equipment and to access the Ampelmann boom. Currently the stairs and platforms are designed specifically for each project, but Ampelmann is looking for a more durable and flexible solution.

TWD was requested to design a modular staircase based on a 10 ft container frame which can be deployed on any vessel reaching up to 15 meters high. These staircase units enable easy and economic mobilization of the required access to the Ampelmann equipment. Together with the staircase units, TWD has also designed a deck interface frame which can transfer the loads from the access tower to a typical 5 t/m2 deck.

The project was a nice challenge of fitting the stairs in the dimensions in a 10ft container frame and meanwhile safeguarding sufficient head clearance, pleasant walking route, and structural integrity. The modular system allows for any configuration, all units are identical and with the top unit, project specific extensions can be connected. Because of the bolted connection and high structural strength, the units can also be used in a ‘hang over the side’ configuration which can be used for landings on an FPSO or drill rig.

#Ampelmann, modular staircase, A and E-type systems